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This page includes the latest Stelth performance against competitors.

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At right,Stelth pumps, manufactured by Koller Whirlpool, are sold throughout Europe.

New Fluid Technology (NFT) has recently lifted the performance of the Stelth pump as reflected in the chart below. Very small pumps are notorious for their low efficiency. NFT’s Stelth pumps are a game changer for almost all pumping industries.

  • Stelth pumps are ideal for Rural and Agricultural applications, Marine, Automotive, Domestic and Industrial applications, Aerospace, Aquaculture, Aeronautical and Stelth silent running where quietness is essential.
  • Stelth pumps are being manufactured now and are ready for licensing to manufacturers.
  • Experimental Stelth prototypes are being tested ready for even more industrial applications

New Fluid Technology (NFT) perfects novel technologies that are 1; energy efficient and 2; renewable energy sources.

New Fluid Technology (NFT) delivers novel technologies that are 1; energy efficient and 2; complement and amplify renewable energy delivery.


Above, a prototype Stelth pool pump that delivered above 67 litres per watt hour, a worlds first.


It is an urgent, and also cost-efficient priority, to develop and manufacture ultra-energy efficient appliances, including pumps, fans and the motors that drive them, while continuing to develop important, but much costlier renewables, such as wind, solar (PV), geothermal and tide, among others.

Re-stated, it is not as cost efficient to concentrate only on development of renewables for energy generation, including energy distribution cables, below and above ground, as it is to introduce much more energy efficient appliances especially in the short term!

Why exclusively spend a lot of money to develop renewables when an even more energy cost saver is available right now and that can also provide manufacturing jobs?

The most immediate, positive impacts on the problems of environmental damage, pollution and the cost of energy should be from ultra-efficient appliances and motors.

That will buy time for development of energy delivery from renewables.

The European Union and USA have led the way, legislating for appliance energy efficiency improvements that require manufacturers to employ manufacturing improvements and/or appliance function management (by electronics or computer management), to reduce electricity consumption. Many of those that cannot improve will be outlawed, dropping off the bottom of the Energy Efficiency list.

Pumps, especially swimming pool pumps and “Circulators”, are especially spotlighted in the EU due to the large amount of electricity they consume for luxury or comfort reasons.

NFT delivers novel technology appliances that that are world’s highest efficiency and some are already being manufactured while other NFT appliances are ready for manufacture now.

Stelth Pump’s energy efficiency place them exclusively at the top of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Index (MEI).

Pumps, fans, blowers and their motors that permeate our entire world consume a very large % of our electricity; burning the most fossil fuel.

A number of comparison charts follow pertaining to several different pump industries.

If a significant and proven energy efficient breakthrough arrives, it can make a start as early as possible if anyone takes the time and effort to investigate its claims.

NFT has developed a range of novel, energy efficient pumps that employ a principle termed “Solid Body Vorticity”, described in the scientific literature but never before exploited as a pump.

NFT has also developed several pump related technologies that enhance the performance of pumps making them more efficient and so consume less electricity and fossil fuels.

NFT has also developed a range of air movement technologies (fans and blowers), some of which employ “solid body vorticity” that save money and fossil fuel.

Occasionally a novel and disruptive technology emerges on the world scene which threatens to replace conventional manufactured appliances and while development may be slow and acceptance even slower, eventually a few succeed. The “Stelth” pump, which employs this novel form of vorticity, is now being accepted by more and more qualified, appropriately skilled engineers and companies.

The Stelth pump is being manufactured by Koller Whirlpool of Austria in the Czech Republic and licensing negotiations, targeting many different categories of pumps, are presently underway in Australia, Austria, Germany, India and China.

NFT is not a manufacturer itself of ultra-efficient pool pumps but has, at prototype stage, made an easily manufactured, ultra-quiet, prototype pump employing a novel motor that delivered the world’s first 10-Star pool pump performance, according to Australia’s pool pump standard AS5102, for “Energy Efficiency” (above 67 litres per watt hour, indicating the money saved due to reduced electricity consumed).

Pool and spa pumps are only a small segment of the huge pumping industry the Stelth pump pertains to.

That includes irrigation, rural, domestic, bilge and shipping, aeronautical, automotive, industry applications, luxury industries and comfort applications.

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