This website was created to make an announcement.

Without hesitation or apology, New Fluid Technology announce here the biggest breakthrough in pump technology in 200 years!

The result offers a massive reduction in electricity consumption, fossil fuel burning and a proven massive reduction in noise with reduced manufacturing costs and transport costs!

  • Manufacturers and the consuming public are here notified that a disruptive upheaval is taking place in water movement and cost that will have a global impact.

NEW FLUID TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD (NFT),  located in Queensland Australia, specialises in developing innovative products in the field of Fluid Dynamics; the study of fluids and how forces affect them. For nearly 25 years, we have been developing and testing a new pumping technology, designed to replace the conventional centrifugal pump that has changed little since it was first invented over 200 years ago. Centrifugal water pumps now collectively consume an enormous percentage of global energy and are significant contributors to global pollution. We now announce we have successfully developed, had independently tested, trialled and patented, new technology that significantly outperforms  centrifugal pumps by an average 30% and whilst achieving this, we have also created the WORLD’S QUIETEST CENTRIFUGAL PUMP. These Stelth pumps are ideal for many different industries including rural, automotive, marine (silent running), bilge etc.

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Colour coded Stelth Pumps ready for demonstration

We call our new pump STELTH TECHNOLOGY and it is now available to all pump manufacturers under license, allowing them to significantly improve the efficiency of pumping water, at little cost. Further, Stelth Technology significantly reduces the manufacturing cost of any pump.

At left is a prototype Stelth pool filtration pump being tested according to Australian pool pump Standard AS5102.

Two other prototype Stelth Pumps; a mains powered Pump (AC) and also a Direct Current (DC) powered Stelth Pump, (for solar powered pumping) WERE THE FIRST POOL PUMPS (ANYWHERE) TO EXCEED 67 LITRES PER WATT HOUR AT 120 LITRES PER MINUTE AT 2.6 METRES OF TOTAL HEAD.

They were the first two pumps ever, that if manufactured, would have been awarded 10 stars, according to Australian Standard AS5102 for pool pumps.

These pumps  are now available for licensing and manufacture.


How these technical breakthroughs were accomplished and the resulting performance increases are described in these pages.